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Odor Removal Service

Your car looks clean but there is still that lingering smell? Cigarette? Musty?

Tobacco smoke, spilled food, gasoline smells, smog and mildew from the air conditioning system. These odors all contribute to a "not-pleasant" and "not-so-healthy" automotive environment.

We don't simply use an air fresheners, and many store-bought odor control products, which could release harmful chemicals into the air making them worse to breathe than the resulting musky smell, fail to bring about real results anyway. These typically just hide or mask musty smells, and the synthetic scents can permeate those softer items as well as painted or paneled walls, ceilings and floors.

We use an ozone machine to eliminate all types of odors. Kill the bacteria that gives the bad odor. This is an add-on  service for the Kickass Interior Detail Service. Price starts at $100/hour. Minimum of 1 hour.

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